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The 6L80E transmission Control Module or TCM is re flashed and recalibrated to latest available factory-specific manufacturer calibrations based on VIN codes. Tech Spec Bushings New Tech-spec bushings improve internal fluid flow control and pressures. Follicles too big at trigger ivf
As a general guideline you will want to match the ECU to the TCM. The easiest way to describe it is if you have a 6L80E that came out of a 2009 silverado you would want to match it up with a 2009 engine calibration E38 ECU part number 12625455. Its far easier to program a engine computer than program a transmission computer as they are built into the valve body.

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TransGo Kits instantly re-program automatic transmissions for high performance and durability. Unique kits re-calibrate the transmission to shift far more efficiently. In terms of performance and durability for an automatic transmission, the most important improvement that can be made is to re-program the Control Assemblies.

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ECM, TCM DTC P0713 for the Tremec 6-Speed transmission or DTC P0711, P0712, or P0713 for the 6L80-E transmission P0716 Speed Sensor Performance TCM DTC P0716 or P0717 P0717 Input Speed Sensor Circuit Low Voltage TCM DTC P0716 or P0717 P0719 Brake Switch Circuit Low Voltage TCM DTC P0719 P0722 Output Speed Sensor Circuit Low Voltage TCM DTC ...

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The TCM offers a parameter of shift time for each of the shifts that take place. Looking at this parameter through a scan tool may provide a clue as to which gear is being problematic. In one sense, without having the ability to look at shift time parameters, identifying the cause of the problem is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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Apr 01, 2018 · The 6L80’s 32-bit transmission control module (TCM) monitors transmission performance and compensates for normal wear in components such as clutch plates, so transmission performance remains consistent for the life of the transmission.

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The TCM-2650 can also be programmed with 2 additional calibrations, each including shift tables and torque converter lockup table. Zip can pre-program the TCM-2650, please contact the sales department for more information> Includes programming cable and software for TCM-2650 only. Wiring harness is sold separately.

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TCM2.6 computer hardware pdf manual download. The TCM2.6 has all the features of the TCM2.5, but is about half the size and weight and has an extended Page 43 TCM2.5/2.6 Code Example Wake C program /* wake.c - Sample program to wake the TCM2.5/2.6 after is has been put in sleep mode...

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Holden HSV VE 6lt 6.2Lt L77 LS3 V8 6L80e TCM Transmission Control Module TECHM. To suit 2010-2012 VE models. We will program it to suit your vehicle to plug and play with correct calibrations to match. Contact US for matching ECU’s and BCM’s for conversion applications. Condition is Used.

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TCM CINÉMA - Retrouvez la grille complète des programmes TV de TCM CINÉMA avec Télé 7 Jours. Programme TV TCM Cinéma. Votre bouquet de réception : Toutes les chaînes TNT MyCanal Orange Free SFR Bouygues Numéricable TNT + Canal+ Alice Darty Bis Télévisions UPC Cablecom...

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Home / Swap Harnesses / Gen V Stand Alone Harnesses, Kits, and ECM/TCM / Gen V Engine Controller Kits Gen V Engine Controller Kit for 6L80e or 6L90e Transmission $ 2,000.00

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6L80. Introduction. • EC3 Converter 300mm (Corvette) 258mm twin plate ( XLR-V and STS-V) • Fluid required, Dexron VI • Fluid capacity, 9.5L (10 qts.) model 6CDA P. 6L80. Component Application Chart. TCM over temp protected (142c) Thermal Shutdown uses 2 thermal couples on the board.

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